Rural Financial Counselling

Independent support at your kitchen table

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  • Gaining a better understanding of their financial position
  • Identifying and exploring options and opportunities 
  • Information on industry programs
  • Identifying and applying for grants
  • Negotiating with lenders/creditors
  • Negotiation with insurers
  • Debt mediation
  • Referrals to professional services incl. RFCS wellbeing support

primary producers with:

Helping to develop
plans/strategies including:

  • Business planning
  • Cash flow budgeting
  • Marketing planning
  • Succession/exit planning

5 Reasons for calling RFCS VicWest

Whatever financial challenges you are facing, getting support and considering your options as soon as possible is crucial. That’s why we arrange a catch-up at the earliest opportunity. Our wait times are days, not weeks, and our first conversation is usually within 24 hours. In most instances, the counsellor you see first will remain working with you until all your issues are resolved.

5 - Fast Appointments 

We understand the 24/7 committment of farming, and the inconvenience of taking time out to travel to an appointment, so to save you the trouble, our counsellors do the driving and come to you. We can meet you at your house or in an agreed location and when we finish up, you can get back to work with a toolbox full of new strategies and a clear direction in mind. 

4 - We Come to You 

Our counsellors are passionate about their work because they live in the region they service, many from farming backgrounds themselves.

When they visit you at your farm, the connection is real - they are aware of local issues and there’s a sincerity about helping one of their own.

3 - Local Connection

RFCS has been providing rural financial counselling since 1986 and has supported primary producers through bushfires, drought, storms and floods for years.

Our Board of Directors and our dedicated staff know the landscape and understand the issues that farmers face on a daily and seasonal basis. 

2 - Proven Experience

RFCS VicWest is funded through State and Federal Government Grants, donations and philanthropic contributions. It allows us to offer our services for free, and independently of outside interests.

We are bound by client confidentiality by Law, so you don’t have to worry about others finding out about your personal affairs.

1 - Free | Independent | Confidential


Your farm or farm business needs to be within the area we service. Check the map to see the shires included in our catchment. 


ABN Registered
Your farm or primary producer enterprise needs to be a registered business with the Australian Tax Office.


If you’re a farmer or primary producer (including fishing, forestry and small related enterprises) and facing financial challenges you are likely eligible for our free support.

In some instances where we can’t assist directly, we will refer you to a service provider who can. A quick call to us in the first instance is it all it takes to confirm. In saying that, there are a couple of basic requirements you need to fulfil for RFCS support:


What's the criteria?



“It’s been awesome it really has, it’s really helped put perspective on our business and where our priorities should be.”

“Having it all on paper and a forward plan, and ticking it off on paper as we go - that’s been a lot better than trying to wing it in your mind.”


“I think soon after I contacted the service I realised what support the counsellor was being for me."

"I was concerned contacting the service [about my] pride, but the counsellor was fantastic. She was extremely supportive, she was a farmer herself…”


““The rural financial counsellor lives in our community and is within reach… he just knows the situation locally.”

“I’ve become more confident over the years thanks to a financial counsellor. It’s helped me achieve my goals every year.”

Meet the Team


David Talbot 
Financial Counsellor

Ashley Kuhl
Financial Counsellor

Stephanie Ferdelja,
RFC Coordinator (NW)

Cara Clark
Financial Counsellor

Andrew Scott
Financial Counsellor

Lauren Fowler
Financial Counsellor

Anna McGee
RFC Assis. Coordinator (NW)

Swan Hill


Erica McArthur
Financial Counsellor

Leeanne Summers
Financial Counsellor

Wimmera-Southern Mallee

Central Highlands

Malcolm Rowe
RFC Assis. Coordinator (SW)

Patrick White
Financial Counsellor

Michael White
Financial Counsellor

Matthew Soul
Financial Counsellor

Sarah Moncrieff

Conn Lilley
Financial Counsellor

George Leishman
Financial Counsellor

Karen Brady
Financial Counsellor

Sarah Moncrieff
RFC Coordinator (SW)

Great South Coast